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Healthy Digestion Pack

This pack is specifically formulated to support and promote healthy digestion. Each pack provides broad spectrum foundation nutrition including Beyond Tangy Tangerine® – 420g canister (1), EFA PLUS™- 90 capsules (1), Osteo Fx Plus™ – 32 oz (1), Ultimate Enzymes (1) and Ultimare Flora fx (1)
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Digestive Disorders
(HCL, Enzymes & Flora)

Diseases Resulting:

Allergies, Athletes Foot, Belching, Bloating, Bowel Gas, Burping, Celiac, Constipation, Crohn's Disease, Dermatitis, Diarrhea, Diverticulitis, Food Sensitivities, Heartburn, Hiatal Hernia, Indigestion, Irritable Bowel, Jock Itch, Leaky Gut, Reflux, Stomach/Intestinal pain, Thrush, Ulcerative Colitis, Yeast Infections

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